Professional outdoor kitchen

in elegant Nordic design

The fully functional outdoor kitchen from ByLogstrup is designed in durable and weather-resistant materials that last year after year. The kitchen is therefore suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes and others with outdoor seating, because it is reliable, durable and at the same time elegant. 


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An outdoor kitchen from ByLogstrup has been tested to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It does not rust or lose color over time. The maintenance-free kitchen is mounted on wheels, so it is easy to move, and at the same time it can be easily tailored to different needs, as it is available in several colors, countertop types and sizes.

Closer to the guests

A well-functioning outdoor kitchen automatically creates greater intimacy between guests and staff, as much of the work of the chefs and waiters takes place directly in front of the guests. Whether you have a patio, a roof terrace, a garden or other outdoor facilities that are ideal for outdoor dining, a kitchen from ByLogstrup paves the way for outdoor entertainment, culinary creativity and a relaxed atmosphere.

Design the outdoor kitchen into new builds from the start

We believe that outdoor kitchens are not just about design, but also a lifestyle. Our approach combines aesthetics, functionality and durability to create outdoor kitchens that blend with the architecture and surroundings of the home. From the first hint of inspiration to the final realisation, we work closely with our customers to understand their wants and needs. We provide BIM files for 3D produced drawings, see example here 

Specially designed solutions

With a professional outdoor kitchen from ByLogstrup, you have great opportunities to influence the design to suit your needs. For example, it is possible to have the kitchen in other sizes than standard, and the elements are available in all RAL and NSC colour codes to match your brand and interior design. At the same time, you also have the option to choose and custom design exactly the type of worktop you need.

4 year warranty and no maintenance

An outdoor kitchen from ByLogstrup is designed in extremely durable materials:

  • Cabinets and cabinets are in powder-coated zinc material that does not rust or change character over time. The cabinets close completely, and you can therefore store eg firewood or kitchen utensils in them all year round. The cabinets are mounted on wheels and can be easily moved.
  • The table top is made of Kerrock, a UV-resistant compact plastic material that is also heat, scratch and cut resistant.
  • You get a 4-year guarantee on sides, doors and table tops when you buy an outdoor kitchen from ByLogstrup.

How to design an outdoor kitchen

  1. You choose how many modules you want.
  2. You choose the colour (Jet Black, Olive Green, Night Blue, Anthracite Grey, Ocher Red and Eucalyptus).
  3. You choose whether you want a sink and where it should be installed.

Passionate forces behind The idea behind ByLogstrup arose in 2020, when Henrik Midtgård Hansen himself was lacking a neat, functional and affordable outdoor kitchen, which at the same time could withstand standing outside without rusting or losing its luster. Together with partner Dan Christensen, they drew on their many years of experience in producing industrial cabinets in Logstrup Steel. At the same time, they teamed up with Henrik's wife, Michelle, who is a daily designer for the French kitchen equipment company Le Creuset, and she has been responsible for the kitchen's minimalist design with the soft industrial touch.

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