The outdoor kitchen

ByLogstrup outdoor kitchen is available in three models with one, two or three cabinets. The entire outdoor kitchen is made in weather-resistant materials that can withstand being outside in all kinds of weather, and you can store your things safely and dry in the tight-fitting doors with swivel closure

Outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen

A good kitchen needs a good work area. The same goes for an outdoor kitchen, and you get that right here too. Although the design will suit every outdoor area, it is important that the kitchen's most important task comes to its fullest, and that it is nice, easy and functional to cook the most delicious dishes. Therefore, there is both space for barbecue and cooking on the countertop.

The weather in Denmark can be brutal and ruthless. We all know it and we've all experienced it. The best summer weather can turn into heavy rain. ByLogstrup outdoor kitchen is designed to withstand the Danish weather, and you don't have to worry about an extra burden from kitchen maintenance. It's very easy to clean after use.(Read FAQ), but also to keep looking good in the long term. Given the kitchen's ability to withstand all kinds of weather, don't hesitate to use it to store utensils, accessories, tea towels, chopping boards, spices - in fact, anything you need in an outdoor kitchen. For example, you could use the bottom shelf of your outdoor kitchen to store some of the things you use most, and use the second shelf to store firewood, charcoal or a gas cylinder dry from the rain. The possibilities are many and the space is good. Of course, a large sink is also included for those who need to get the most out of the outdoor kitchen. It's deep and wide, so there's plenty of room for washing vegetables and washing up.

1 module measures 77.5Cm in width has a weight of 55Kg and is perfect for a Pizza Oven
2 module measures 153,5Cm in width has a weight of 110Kg.
3 module measures 230Cm in width has a weight of 155Kg
The grill cabinet has the same width as 1 module, but is only 72cm high and fits all table grills on the market.

Installation tips for outdoor kitchens

If you dream of a outdoor kitchenthat is both functional and beautiful, consider these tips:1. Start with a basic plan. Once you know how you want your outdoor kitchen to look like, you need to start creating a plan.
This will help you stay on top of things and keep your design in line with your budget.2. Choose the right materials. When it comes to materials, think about the durability and ease of care of your new outdoor kitchen. PVC pipes are a popular choice for outdoor kitchensbecause they are weather resistant and can be painted or stained to match any exterior colour scheme.3. outdoor kitchen oasis. Whether you want a rustic space or something sleek and modern, adding some elements like shutters or balcony railings can add an extra touch of luxury to your kitchen.


This season, the best outdoor kitchen ideas about bringing nature into the home. From rustic to elegant, there's a style for anyone who wants to cook outdoors without sacrificing quality or function. Whether you're looking for wraparound porches or large decks that can accommodate a large cooking area, these kitchens have everything you need and more. So get creative this spring and start planning your dream outdoor kitchen!

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