Model 1

The little outdoor kitchen

ByLogstrup outdoor kitchen is available in three models with one, two or three cabinets. The entire outdoor kitchen is made in weather-resistant materials that can withstand being outside in all kinds of weather, and you can store your things safely and dry in the tight-fitting doors with swivel closure

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Model 1 measures 77,5Cm in width has a weight of 55Kg and is perfect for a Pizza oven or a table grill. 

There are shelves in all cabinets with the exception of the module with a built-in sink. The shelves can be adjusted in height as needed. It is only possible to get a sink in the small model by appointment.

The ByLogstrup outdoor kitchen comes in 6 colours: Jet Black, Olive Green, Night Blue, Anthracite Grey, Ocher Red and Taupe Grey. The worktop is in white Kerrock®, which is a heat-resistant, scratch- and cut-resistant composite board that is easy to clean and maintain.

ByLogstrup outdoor kitchen has wheels, so you can easily move it around for everyday life and for your parties, and you can combine several modules together. Now that we're at ease, the outdoor kitchen is maintenance-free, so all you have to do is clean it with a wet cloth, and it's ready to use.

You get a 2-year guarantee on your outdoor kitchen
There is a 4-year extended warranty on the sides, doors and countertop. This warranty covers unbroken surfaces

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A good kitchen needs a good work area. The same goes for an outdoor kitchen, and you get that right here too. Although the design will suit every outdoor area, it is important that the kitchen's most important task comes to its fullest, and that it is nice, easy and functional to cook the most delicious dishes. Therefore, there is both space for barbecue and cooking on the countertop. 

The countertop can further withstand both heat and it is cut-resistant. This means it can really handle being used and still appear as new.

ByLogstrup outdoor kitchen brings joy to your outdoor life. It will be another gathering point in the household, and it is is created for cosy moments. It is created for people who love to be outside or people who want to get out more. ByLogstrup is not just an outdoor kitchen - it is perhaps the "only" right outdoor kitchen.

If you have any questions about ByLogstrup outdoor kitchens, you are welcome to contact us at or on our contact page. You can also get answers to questions before and after buying an outdoor kitchen.

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