exclusive gas grill


In autumn 2022, ByLogstrup has signed an agreement with Italian FÒGHER to supply our outdoor kitchens fitted with one of the world's best and most exclusive gas grills on the market.

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The FÒGHER grill has such a high quality that it is the only grill brand ByLogstrup would supply the outdoor kitchen with.

The FÒGHER gas barbecue is made of the best quality materials that can withstand all weather conditions year after year. The special paint is resistant to temperatures up to 500°C. The insulated double walls and the sealing strip in the lid ensure constant stable temperature throughout the cooking (low or high), while the humidity is optimal to preserve the flavour and taste of the food. A new generation of ultra-efficient burners, together with the Fire Core system, provide efficient and even heat distribution and low gas consumption.

FÒGHER's patented ventilation system separates gas vapours from the cooking area, so food is cooked healthier and in a more natural way. The double grill grates ensure that fat and juices from the food do not drip onto the burners, so cooking results are better, cleaning is easier and the grill lasts longer. Excess fat and juices from the food drain into the collection tray, which is easy to remove for emptying, cleaning and maintenance.

See it in 3D and AR here: LINK

Read more about the built-in grill at fogher.com LINK

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