udekøkken terrasse Außenküche utekök utekjøkken buiten keuken

Waterproof storage

Securely place dishes, utensils, cushions or firewood in place behind tight-fitting doors

Durable materials

The outdoor kitchen from ByLogstrup has been tested to endures in all kinds of weather
udekøkken terrasse Außenküche utekök utekjøkken buiten keuken

We deliver throughout the EU and Norway

We deliver throughout the EU and Norway. Delivery prices may vary in price. Contact us for more information

Get rid of the "use and throw away culture"

The outdoor kitchen lasts year after year and requires a minimum of maintenance. No sanding and painting, just ordinary cleaning.
udekøkken terrasse Außenküche utekök utekjøkken buiten keuken

Simple and timeless design

An outdoor kitchen that creates an atmosphere that fits the modern life.

Nordic simplicity

The design is minimalistic with a "soft" industrial look with dull surfaces and rounded edges

Move the cooking out on the terrace in an outdoor kitchen

Når det bliver varmere i vejret, har de fleste af os lyst til at tilbringe så meget tid som muligt udendørs. Overvej at indrette et fuldt funktionelt udekøkken. Det er meget mere praktisk, end du måske tror – til alt fra klargøring af ingredienser til tilberedning af et lækkert måltid
It is our philosophy that it should be easy, functional and cosy to move the meal and all the preparations out on the terrace. Our outdoor kitchen is therefore designed so that you have plenty of space to arrange the vegetables and fire up the grill, while at the same time enjoying the company of the family and friends
All models have wheels so you can easily move them around, and you can place the table grill or garden fireplace directly on the countertop. The collection consists of three models. They are all available in the colors black, gray, brown and olive green with or without integrated sink.

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Solid and practical outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen that lasts season after season

When spring is upon us and it gets warmer. Most people want to spend as much time as possible in the garden and on the terrace. With a fully functional outdoor kitchen from ByLogstrup, in a style of completely new Nordic design, both you and your garden will be ready for the coziest days and evenings. The outdoor kitchen is much more practical than most people think. Everything from the preparation of ingredients to the serving of the most delicious dinners takes place in the outdoor kitchen and it all happens completely without leaving the terrace. With an outdoor kitchen, you don't have to leave the party, the guests and the atmosphere, as the conversation kitchen has moved out where it all happens.

A good kitchen needs a good work area. The same goes for an outdoor kitchen, and you get that right here too. Although the design will suit every outdoor area, it is important that the kitchen's most important task comes to its fullest, and that it is nice, easy and functional to cook the most delicious dishes. Therefore, there is both space for barbecue and cooking on the countertop.

The weather in Denmark can be brutal and ruthless. We all know it and we have all experienced it. The finest summer weather can end in heavy rain showers. The ByLogstrup outdoor kitchen is designed to withstand the Danish weather, and you should not be nervous about an extra burden from the maintenance of the kitchen. It is very easy, both to clean after use, but still have a well kept outdoor kitchen in the long run. Given the kitchen's ability to withstand all kinds of weather, do not hesitate to use it for storing kitchen utensils, accessories, tea towels, cutting boards, spices - yes, everything you need in an outdoor kitchen. For example, you can use the bottom shelf of your outdoor kitchen to store some of the things you use the most, and use the other shelf to store firewood, charcoal, or gas bottles dry from the rain. The possibilities are endless and there is more than enough space. Of course, a large sink is also included for those who need to get the most out of the kitchen. It is deep and wide, so there is plenty of room to wash all of your vegetables.

ByLogstrup outdoor kitchen brings joy to your outdoor life. It will be another gathering point in the household, and it is created for all the cosy moments. It is created for you who love to be outside or for you who wants to get out more. ByLogstrup is not just an outdoor kitchen - it is perhaps the "only" real outdoor kitchen.
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